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Relinquishment Application Form
Due to the unique nature of the Border Collie, many end up in shelters after new owners find that this remarkable creature is not your average pet.  Although some BCs do exhibit medium-to-low activity levels, most do not and, as working dogs Border Collies need intellectual stimulation in addition to physical exertion.  With a deeply bred herding instinct, a BC may not always be the best choice around children who refuse to be herded, and a bored BC may take up destructive behavior in the way of barking, chewing or digging.  Some are even escape artists.  This is why we carefully evaluate applicants before adopting these dogs.  We want to place them into homes for life and this means making a good match between dog and adopter.

BCIN has seen first-hand that Border Collies do not do well in shelters.  These highly intelligent and sensitive animals have been bred to do a job over which they have great control and, when caged inside a busy shelter, chaos and noise often cause them to become depressed and withdrawn.  Alternately, they may become overly agitated, resulting in personality changes that find them snarling from going kennel crazy.  Either of these behaviors make it highly unlikely they will find a suitable home from a shelter and, for this reason, many Border Collies are tagged for euthanasia.

We understand that life’s circumstances may not allow you to continue caring for your Border Collie.  As people lose their homes from foreclosures and a poor economy, we are seeing more and more of these wonderful dogs showing up in shelters.  In addition to life changes, Border Collies are often turned in to shelters due to a poor match between dog and lifestyle.

Before relinquishing your Border Collie, we strongly urge you, as responsible owners, to explore ways of keeping your Border Collie.  For some ideas on how to do this, read Pet Orphans of Southern California's Pet Relinquishment page.

As an alternative to sending your dog to an animal shelter, please contact BC rescue groups for help!  We will work with you to determine the best course for your dog.  Depending on your situation, we may list your dog on our site as a courtesy listing, if you are able to keep the dog in your home as we search for adopters.  We may suggest different training methods, if behavior seems to be the problem and you want to work with your dog.

If, ultimately, you do decide to relinquish your Border Collie, we will ask you to provide detailed information about your BC, including temperament and behaviors, physical needs and other requirements.  The more we know about your dog, the better position we will be in to find a loving new home.  Be advised, once your dog is relinquished to Border Collies In Need, however, the dog becomes ours to care for and cannot be returned.
Legal Last Name of Owner:
Legal First Name of Owner:
Mailing Address:
City, State & Zip:
Phone Number:
Cell Phone:
Business Phone:
E-Mail Address:
Border Collie's Name/Nickname:
Pedigree Info:
(attach a copy of Pedigree and your contract with the breeder.)
Did the breeder offer to help you or take back their breeding?   Yes   No
Reason(s) for relinquishing this Border Collie:
Height at withers:
Where did you get this Border Collie?
How old was this Border Collie when you got it?
Describe environment - other animals, yard, where time is spent day and night, confinements:
List all training this Border Collie has received:
List Border Collie's favorite activities:
  Yes   No
Crate trained?
  Yes   No
Escape Artist
  Yes   No
Leash trained?
  Yes   No
Clicker trained?
  Yes   No
List any fears this Border Collie shows:
List any issues of concern a new owner might have with this Border Collie
(separation anxiety, dog/cat aggressive, destructive activities, food aggressive, etc.):

How would you describe this Border Collie's personality overall? Be descriptive.

Scan and e mail all veterinary records of your BC to
Veterinarian's Name:
Spay/Neuter Date:
Please answer the following even if medical records are available
Is this dog on heartworm preventative?
  Yes   No
If so, what brand and dose?
Are there any medical problems that you know of at this time?
  Yes   No
Attach any medical records regarding this problem(s).  Dogs 5 & over must have a letter from your vet stating that the dog is in good heath and that there are no known liver, heart, kidney, etc. problems.
Show uneven gait?
  Yes   No
Signs of Epilepsy?
  Yes   No
Visually Impaired?
  Yes   No
Hearing Problems?
  Yes   No
Bitten Anyone?
  Yes   No
  Yes   No


Action taken:
What types and brand of foods is your BC on? (Wet/dry/treats and brands)
Any Additional Comments:
By clicking the "Submit" button below, I am submitting my digital signature attesting to the truthfulness of my answers.

Date     Signature (please type legal name)

NOTE: If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must also sign this application. Thank you for considering a dog from Border Collies In Need. If you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call. We reserve the right to refuse any applicant.

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