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Our Mission
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The Foster Home agrees to care for and love their foster dog as if it were their own. You should provide the dog with exercise, basic obedience training and housetraining. Training greatly increases a dog’s chance of being adopted.

You agree to bring the dog to our mobile adoption events as requested.
Spay/Neuter + Vaccinations:
All animals placed in foster care need to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. If you receive an unfixed animal, we ask that you schedule an appointment with a designated BCIN veterinarian and be available to transport the dog to and from the appointment. If you cannot arrange transport, contact your BCIN representative. Dogs will not be adopted out before being spayed or neutered.

Expenses covered by BCIN:
All basic medical expenses will be covered by BCIN. An authorized BCIN representative must approve any medical expenses or vet visits. We have a number of our own, designated vets. We will pay for any authorized visits to these vets. If you choose to go to a vet of your choosing, you may be responsible for most of the vet bill. We will always provide a collar, microchip, and leash. We greatly appreciate any willingness to donate toward the dog’s general expenses, like food, treats, etc (save receipts if you want tax deductions!) Crates may will be lent, if available (crates are a great training tool).

Website Photos and Biography:
If your dog is not already up on the BCIN website, we ask that you assist in getting their photo on our website. Please take a photo and write a short description yourself, then submit it to our web person or you can contact your BCIN representative for assistance. Please feel free to advertise by yourself, on Craigslist, in local shops, on other websites, with friends, and at the dog park etc!

Potential adopter MUST be screened, interviewed and approved by an authorized BCIN representative. A foster home’s input is very much appreciated and a part of the process; however, the final decision is with an authorized BCIN representative. Please let us know if prospective adopters may contact you by phone or email and/or if they may visit your home to meet the animal.

• The Microchip ID tag must be worn at all times. If a dog goes missing, this is its link to back to us. If the dog loses its tag, please contact us immediately for a new one.

• Please keep your dog leashed when outside your home or yard. You don’t know each other. You are responsible for your dog and other dogs’ and people’s safety.

• You must notify BCIN immediately in the event of your dog goes missing, is injured, or in an accident.

• If you/the foster home decides to adopt your dog, you must go through the adoption process and pay the adoption fee. All donations go back to BCIN and are used to help cover costs so that we can save and help more dogs.
Border Collies in Need reserves the right to take a foster dog back at any time. If you need to return a dog, please give us as much forewarning as possible as we will need to find a new foster home for the dog.

Primary BCIN Representative/phone #: ______________________________________

Secondary BCIN Representative/phone #: _____________________________________

Name of Dog________________ Date____________

This document provides for the release of liability for Border Collies in Need, Inc. (BCIN), its officers, agents, and volunteers due to the actions of any dog (s) which has been released into the ownership of the BCIN and placed into a Foster home as follows:

Name: ___________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________

City/State/Zip code: ________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________________

Alternate phone____________________________________________


I, the Foster Care provider named above, understand that BCIN and its volunteers have no way of guaranteeing the actions or disposition of any dog released to them and placed into Foster Care with me. I understand that every effort has been made to assess the disposition of dogs released to BCIN beforehand but, being living animals, they may act unpredictably in any given situation. I agree that I must take necessary precautions to prevent accidents and guard against unpredicted actions by any dog I foster.

Further, I promise to take adequate care of the dogs I foster while they are in my possession by providing food, water, and shelter, as needed. I also promise to notify BCIN immediately if any foster dog requires any veterinary care which includes, but is not limited to: vaccinations, routine testing, preventive treatment for illness, flea & tick control etc.

At no time will I allow this dog to be nuisance to people or other animals. To that end I will keep it safely confined in a fenced yard or kennel run or inside a house or garage when it is not with me or a member of my family. At no time will the dog be placed outside on a tie-out unless under the direct supervision of a responsible adult. When off of my property, the dog will be kept on a leash unless it is in a fenced area approved for free running dogs. (Note: BCIN recommends the use of a dog crate for confinement inside the house and the use of ID tags on the dog’s collar in case the dog escapes.)

I understand that Fostering a dog for BCIN is not the same as Adopting a dog from them and that this dog must be made available to Prospective Owners referred by BCIN for viewing for possible permanent Adoption. If I wish to Adopt a dog which I Foster, then I must fill out an Adoption Application and pay the expected fee for the dog just as any other adoptive family.

Signed: __________________________________________ Date: _____________________
Border Collies In Need, Inc.
1621 W. 25th Street #104, San Pedro, CA 90732
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