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Update: 4/7/18:
We are reaching out because we adopted Blossom from BCIN, who we now call Juno, and we need to find her a new home because of our daughter. Blossom/Juno repeatedly knocks the baby down while trying to get to my wifeís side. She has tried to snip at our daughter, and we canít risk that behavior any more. We have tried gating the baby away from Blossom/Juno, but she busts through it. Blossom/Juno would be best suited for a retiree or someone who is home to spend a lot of time with her. She is affectionate, but not well suited to be with children. She is ok with another dog, but probably would prefer to be an only dog. Blossom's separation anxiety has calmed down.

2015 UPDATE from foster mom:
Blossom is definitely housebroken.  She didn't make a mess in our house and waited patiently to go outside with our pup pack to pee and poo.  I noticed that right away and figured someone had trained her to do that I didn't crate her.  She had full roam of our house, which she really didn't take advantage of because she followed me everywhere I went--literally, stuck to my leg.  She so wants to bond with a loving human and then does!  Blossom is definitely a shadow dog (some would call "needy," I prefer to say "loving.").

I slept with her in a separate room, as our other pups were getting jealous of all the attention she was giving me, so I wanted to keep her out of harm's way.  She slept soundly on the dog bed I had next to my bed.  A couple of times before she fell asleep she jumped up on the bed to lick me good night, but we let all our dogs sleep on our beds so that didn't alarm me.

Her house manners definitely need refining, depending upon the rules of the person who adopts her.  Overall, she is great in the house--didn't chew on anything, make a mess or become destructive.  We had her outside by our pool with our other dogs while we grilled out, and Blossom simply laid by my side, quietly.  When I let her, she sat in my lap--which she LOVES to do.  So I would definitely call her a "lap" dog, even though she is much bigger than the typical lappy.

I do think she would be best with another dog, as she tried to make friends with our pack.  Our two female German Shepherds quickly let her into the tribe.  But, our two male German Shepherds tried to dominate her to put her into a workable pack order.  Blossom didn't seem to mind.  She wanted more to be accepted than worry about her pack order.

It appears she might have, and/or develop, separation anxiety.  When I put her in the bedroom before I came in to sleep with her, she pushed out the screen window, jumped through, and came around to our open patio door to find me again!  I was in the bathroom and here comes Blossom and her perpetually wagging tail.  She is very clever--street smarts as they say.  She was so anxious being alone in the bedroom, I think she panicked and had to find me for comfort.  Again, I didn't mind, but it was definitely something I noticed.  Once she realizes she has a forever home and won't be abandoned, I think she'll be fine.  I also think being around another pup will help soothe her, too.

Meet Blossom who is BCIN's latest BC wannabe.  Blossom is a 3-5 year female mixed breed.  We do not believe that she has any BC in her, but our best guess is that she is an Aussie and Retriever mix.  Blossom has had a rough life with some hard knocks.  This poor gal was found by Animal Control in a dumpster almost dead, starving, and in such a neglectful condition.  Then at the shelter, no one was interested in her, and she was advocated to BCIN the day before she was to be euthanized.  How could we resist? This poor dog had endured so much, it was the least we could do to find it in our hearts to help her.  Despite her mixed and non BC heritage, she is no less deserving of a good home, and BCIN is committed to helping her find it.  Her rescuer, Susan, fell in love with her instantly, and even took her on a sleepover so she have a playdate at the beach with her dog.  Blossom was very timid when she was bailed, but we knew she would blossom with time, with some good food, and with some good old fashioned TLC.

We are still getting to know her better, but we know she was a perfect houseguest at Susan's house, and she does get along with other dogs.  She walks nicely on a leash.  Blossom is a nice dog and is sweet natured.  We think that she would make some family a really nice dog.  Stay tuned for more detailed information on her.

If you are interested in meeting our dogs, please fill out an adoption application.  We require a pre-approved application to be on file before any meet and greets are scheduled.  The electronic application can be found on our website at
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