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Kody’s DOB is 09/15. He is a male Border Collie, Germ Shepherd Dog mix. Kody was adopted from BCIN as a puppy, and was recently returned to BCIN. Kody responds to basic commands of sit, down, heel, and come, even from 40 yards away. Kody is super smart and he is a candidate for Rally O or advanced trick training. He is treat motivated and will work for them. He can jump over a pole or through a hoop (his command is to “jump”) and knows how to play dead (command is “bang” with a finger pointing to him). He can shake with both left and right paws, and raises his front paws to “sit pretty”. He also can roll over (left and right_ spins around (left and right_ backs up with the command “back, back”. He can bark on command to “bark”. Kody’s passion is to retrieve balls and catch Frisbees. One of Kody’s favorite games is to play “pick” where you hide a treat in one of your hands. He will sniff each hand, one at a time. When you give him the command “pick”, he will put his paw on the hand that he thinks has the treat. If he guesses correctly, he gets the treat.

Kody is house trained and also crate trained. He minds the house rules and respects rooms that are off-limits, in addition to staying off beds. He loves to chew on Nyla Bones and will go and get one when he is not involved in an activity.

Kody had regularly attended doggie day care and likes to be around other medium to large dogs. However, Kody is more friendly off leash than on. Kody can often be aloof with people. Kody is well behaved at bath time and good about trimming his nails. Kody is also a water baby. Kody is a very active dog that will require a higher level of daily activity. He will also require a lot of mental stimulation. Kody is strong willed, and requires a very experienced owner. Kody like to travel, and he is very loyal, in which sometimes he can be protective. Therefore, he will not be placed in a home with children

If you are interested in meeting our dogs, please fill out an adoption application.  We require a pre-approved application to be on file before any meet and greets are scheduled.  The electronic application can be found on our website at
Puppy Bio

Meet Kody, also known as Kody Bear.  He is a male pup about 10-12 weeks old.  At this point, we are not sure if Kody is purebred or a mix.  Mom is a pure bred border collie, but we are not sure about Dad.  Perhaps he could be part Australian Cattle Dog.  Kody will most likely be a larger dog, if we are judging by the size of his paws. For a pup, Kody is a very sweet, mellow guy.  He just loves attention and will follow you everywhere.  He also loves to run and play with his foster brothers and sisters.  He should probably not be placed with a cat as he tends to want to terrorize the famly cat.  He is your typical border collie and needs to be kept active.  He is in the chewing stage right now like all puppies.  A family with older children would be best as he tends to knock little ones down.

Kody has been started on his potty training and he is doing well.  He uses potty pads inside and is starting to ask to go out to potty.  But, we are not there yet!  Bladders are not fully developed until 4 months of age, and that is when potty training commences.

A border collie savvy home is a must who understands the demands for an energetic and active herding breed pup.  Kody will require formal puppy obedience classes.

Adopters must be committed to working with the destruction and energy associated with raising a puppy, along with housebreaking accidents.  As with all puppies, socialization and puppy obedience classes are a must.  This will ensure that you will have an outgoing, socialized, well-behaved, and well-adjusted adult dog in your family.

Kody's adopters will be required to complete a puppy questionnaire, as well as complete his series of puppy vaccinations, including rabies. In addition to his adoption fee, a refundable deposit is required to secure his sterilization, in accordance with state law.

If you are interested in meeting our dogs, please fill out an adoption application.  We require a pre-approved application to be on file before any meet and greets are scheduled.  The electronic application can be found on our website at
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