Holiday Greeting
Holiday Greeting
Strauss Bunch


Yappy Howlidays and a Pawsitively Awesome New Year,
From BCIN Founder Suzanne’s Little Yelpers,

~ Sadie, Hope, and Manny ~
BCIN Founder BC's
Holiday Greeting
The Hooper Gang

formerly known as Gracie, Rocky, Tasha & Tiny

“Here are the Hooper children...Thank you BCIN for our little pack.
Gracie, Rocky, Tasha and Tiny wish all the BCIN Border Collies and their families a very Merry Christmas.”

~ Sue, Larry & the Gang ~
BCIN Volunteer
Holiday Greeting
The Jameson Pack

formerly known as Panda, Olive and Misty

“Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from the Jameson pack.”

~ Bentley, Keira, and Kayla ~
BCIN Volunteer
Holiday Greeting
Flash Gordon


“Happy Holidays from Arbi & Flash Gordon.”

~ Arbi ~
BCIN Volunteer
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Christy

“I was fortunate to have the opportunity to foster Christy.  She was a loving, sweet natured,
affectionate dog who filled me with joy every day.  Even though our time together was short,
the memories that I have of her will last with me forever. I miss her dearly.”

~ Fabiana ~
BCIN Volunteer
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Sam
Adopted October 23, 2009

“From a stray on the streets of San Bernardino to a competitive athlete and animal actor,
2015 was a year of MAJOR accomplishments for Gib. Competing in AKC Agility, he earned
his Master Agility CHampion Title, as well as qualified to compete at the 2016 AKC
National Agility Championship in Tulsa! Gib's commercial for City Furniture is
airing again this holiday season and you can also see him on the main page
of the City Furniture website. I think I will always be in awe of him.

Thank you to my BCIN family for all that you do to save the lives of these dogs
and profoundly bless those of us that are lucky enough to share our lives with them.”

All our love,

~ Tanya & Gib ~
BCIN Volunteer
Holiday Greeting



“It's hard to believe it's been ten years since we met and Lyla
became a part of my life.  She now sports "eyebrows" and
we share the aches and pains of time, but Lyla remains a
healthy, happy, most loyal, and utterly sweet girl.

Thank you for your friendship over the years.
Through the inspiring triumphs and inevitable drama,
it's been so very rewarding to be a part of your truly class act.”

~ Melinda, Kathy & Lyla ~
BCIN Webmaster

Holiday Greeting


formerly known as Bandit

“Merry Christmas”

~ Shelly Nichols ~
BCIN Volunteer

Holiday Greeting



“While doing adoptions at Petsmart, we took a quick break to wish all of you the following message:
Have yourself a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Wonderful 2016.
We look forward to helping those Border Collies who need our help.”

~ BCIN Volunteers ~
Back Row L-R: Greg MacDonald, Sue Hooper, Suzanne Strauss, Bette Jameson, Robin Van Geest
Bottom Row L-R: Chris Van Geest, Kathi Tatge, Fabiana Yee, Steve Jameson
BCIN Foster Dogs Ayla (adopted 12/12) and Aimee

Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Stitch

Stitch and his owner Robyn came by Petsmart on Saturday 12/12/15
to wish holiday greetings to Sue Hooper and Suzanne Strauss
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Princess

“Happy Holidays to BCIN from Stacey Kozak”
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Alana

“Since this is going to be Alana's 1st everything pretty much, Thanksgiving,
Christmas, & the New Year; I'd have to say I have plenty of pictures of
her enjoying her new life with me, my husband Martin and last but not
least, Hayden, the happiest 16 year old that couldn't be happier than
he is; considering he wanted a Lab (lol).  So feel free to share our
happy, beautiful gal.  Hope you have a joyous and festive
Thanksgiving Day holiday as well.”

~ Julie V ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Patty

“Thanks for the AMAZING work you do.  There's a special place in heaven for people like you.
Here are a couple pictures of Oreo.  You'll remember her as the little girl labeled "border collie
mix" that you saved from the high-kill Kern County shelter (24 hours away from scheduled
euthanization) nearly 4 years ago.  Thank you so much for taking the time to make
that very long drive!  She has had and continues to have the most fantastic life
spending a lot of time both at the sea and the mountains.  Attached are two
recent pictures of both.  Use either one you'd like.  Oreo loves toys
but those found in nature are her favorites (sticks and pine cones).
Thanks again!  Happy Thanksgiving to you...we will salute
you personally at my table this Thursday!
And very Happy Holidays!”

~ Jane K ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Marble

“This photo is now my wallpaper.  This one was taken right after we got him.”

~ Carla H ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Rory

“For your holiday card, Roddy”

~ Christina B & James R ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Rocko

“Thank you for your annual email.  I hope you're
doing well.  Attached please find these photos
of our dog Sundae who we adopted in July 2010.

He is a great family dog whom we love very much.”

~ Ariella R ~
Holiday Greeting
Zak and Zoey

formerly known as Mac & Ruby

“Zak and Zoey now 5 and 9 y/o wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas.
They now have a new fur sister named Sadie who is BC/cattle dog
mix rescued from our local shelter. All three are happy, healthy dogs.
Thank you BCIN”

~ The Ehret Family ~
Holiday Greeting
Moss & Tessy

formerly known as Moss & Gin

“Hope all is well.  Here are our 2 babies.

Happy Holidays!!”

~ Alla and Jens ~
Holiday Greeting
Moss & Tessy

formerly known as Jinx

“Here you go with a nice pic of Jinx who continues to thrive
and help me do the same (alas, my husband Allan died in August 2013,
but Jinx was a great comfort before and after in that difficult year).

Best to you & yours for the holidays and the coming new year!”

~ Sally S ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Garth

“Couple shots of Bandit.”

~ Joe F ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Hazel

“Shasta (aka Hazel) doing what she enjoys most,
being with her family and hiking.
Happy Holidays, ”

~ Steve, Karen, and Shasta ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Bert

“Chevy was NOT ready for Monday!
I adopted Chevy from BCIN in March of 2010 and my only regret is that I didn't adopt another
one of his brothers or sisters along with him.  He's the perfect dog, the perfect friend and the
light of my life. I'm grateful every single day to BCIN, and the fosters working alongside,
for bringing this little man into my life.”

~ Ashley ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Snowy

“Snowy is a bit of a neighborhood celebrity pooch.
I will have had the pleasure of her company 7 years.
Shout out to Foster Charlotte Bell.
Snowy and I share a soul. ”

~ Gail and Dan, proud adoptive parents ~
Holiday Greeting
Ruby Foo

formerly known as Darby

“Here's a picture of Ruby.  She's sticking her nose out for a treat I was holding.

Thanks for doing what you do. Have a great holiday season!”

~ Tina ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Wizard

“Here is Wizard! Same name that you had for him originally!”

~ LaDawn D ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Mamacita

“Thanks for the email requesting pic of our border collie rescue, Ziva.
She was known as Mamacita and was fostered near El Cajon after being found in
Kern County.  I wish I knew her history.  She suffered severe vaccine damage and has kidney
issues, as she was over-vaccinated within 2-3 weeks of each vaccination.  Since my background is in
vaccination injury and biomedical treatment of autism and other neurological disorders, I used the same treatment that I used for my autistic son Kai on Ziva. She is much better, though not cured from
her disability. She is, however, trained as my son's autism service animal.”

~ Jennifer D ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Buckwheat

“This is our Buckminster "Bucky" Boone, adopted in 2009.  He enjoys herding sheep, chasing squirrels,
and surveying his domain from the upstairs balcony.  He loves his mom and tolerates his
baby brother, but has a special bond with his dad.  His favorite food is salmon.”

~ Honor B ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Loretta

“Good afternoon.  Great to hear from you.  Lilah (formerly Loretta) is doing fantastic!
We moved to Salt Lake City, Utah about 6 months ago so now she has 1/2 acre
backyard to run around in.  And snow to play in this winter.

My husband, Gary, and I also foster dogs from the Utah Humane Society.  Currently we
have a 7 year old black lab named Lucy.  She and Lilah get along like old sisters.

We still travel back to CA to visit family and Malibu beach.  And every summer we all
fly out to Michigan where Gary's parents have rented a cabin on Lake Huron.

Have a wonderful holiday.”

~ Honor B ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Bullseye

“Bullseye Proposed!!”

~ Julie G ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Wyatt

“I'm happy to send pictures of Wyatt.  I'm sending one of him with our other dog Lacey, also.
Wyatt has completed several obedience classes and is now in an agility foundations class.
He hopefully will start beginning agility classes in January.  He can jump over
jumps, run through a tunnel or chute and jump through the tire obstacle.
Lacey has been in agility classes for 5 years now.  It is a commitment
I make with my dogs if they seem to like it and he does seem to.
He is a wonderful dog.  My husband thinks he is the best walker
of any dog he has ever walked.  He loves all people and all dogs and
is very respectful with our 18-year-old cat.  We are grateful to have him.”

~ Sandi ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Duncan

~ Adopted by Caroline C ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Rocco

“Here's a couple of photos of Merlin (nee Rocco, adopted from BCIN 10/12/08).

This first one was taken in the car, we were getting ready to take the dogs
up to Lake Gregory to play in the snow - if you look closely between Merlin's
legs you will see his rescue sister Sophia peeking her head through :)

Happy Holidays and thank you for all that you do for these beautiful souls!!!!”


~ Elaine & Jeff R ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Skeeter

“Happy Holidays to all from Skeeter and his family.
As you can see, Skeeter is always ready to play
but loves to take a good nap too.”

~ The McCarthys ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Devon

“I have a Mac album that I have shared from Google Photos.
There is even a video of him and Heera (Patsy) in there.

I hope you are well.”

~ Rakesh Mahajan ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Rachel

“Hi there, this idea is fantastic!  She is just the greatest pup ever!
She's my best friend and companion!  I just had to go away for three days for
work and she stayed with my parents and it was the hardest 3 days of my life being
away from her! Here are some silly photos I have thus far of our times together!

Taking her to Aspen tomorrow for thanksgiving!  Hope she likes the snow!  Haha we will find out!”

~ Neal St. Onge ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Riggins

~ Adopted by the The Steeves ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Diamond

“Here is a picture of Skylar at the park looking for squirrels.  We adopted her at the end of July.
We are so grateful she is a part of our family, and so glad you and
the BCIN team rescued her from the shelter.  Happy Holidays!”

~ Dick and Bonnie ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Blanca

“My 7 year old rescue, Blanca.  Every day with her makes me and
others around her very happy. She is the cutest, sweetest dog :)”

~ Emily ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Ellie

“Just had to share this cute pic of Sugar!”

~ Steven and Sherry Ann W. ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Rex

“Here is Radar (formerly Rex) who we have had for a little over a year now.
He is a real treat!”

~ Susan, Dave and Rex ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Jester

“This is Justice.  He was Jester when we rescued him.
He loves his beach runs.  Thank you BCIN.”

~ Stephanie C ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Lassen

~ Adopted by Dave W ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Barnie

“This is Enzo (formerly "Barnie"), adopted from BCIN in 2010.  He doesn't look like your typical client,
but I included his adoption photo with his sibling (Wilma) that we saved from the website.

The photo is from a happy day at the beach. He's smiling, don't you think?! Have a great holiday!”

~ Stacey & Enzo L ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Slate

“Here are some pictures of Storm (formerly Slate).  He's the happiest dog ever!”

~ Ana & Will O ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Chase

~ Adopted by Mike & Bonnie S ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Dru

“Glad to hear from you; we have sent you several emails during the past year regarding
our beloved Sammy.  We adopted him from BCIN on 11-3-14; he was rescued by you after
being found running as a stray in Bakersfield.  Sammy is an absolutely amazing part of our
family.  A true gift.  He is healthy, smart, obedient, a great companion.  My wife Diane
and I are very active and into fitness; since being with us Sammy (and us)
have walked and run 2009 logged (GPS) miles through this morning.
Suffice to say, we love Sammy, and Sammy definitely loves us.

There is another very wonderful aspect of Sammy.  Sammy gets along with everyone,
human or other animal (squirrels, dogs, cats, pheasants, etc.).  In fact, we (and many
others) refer to Sammy as: (1) Happy Dog, (2) the Animal Whisperer, (3) the tag-line
'Everybody Loves Sammy'. It really is an fact that everybody loves Sammy.
He is a definite favorite among neighbors and others around town.”

Best regards,

~ Timm M and Diane K ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Spirit

“Here are some pics of Spirit.
Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays !!!
Lots of love,”

Best regards,

~ Lee and Spirit ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as River

“This is my border collie rescue.  His name is River.  River loves his new home and doing well.
Very attached to myself and husband, he gives us kisses and hugs every day!  Goes to agility
classes every week and loves it. He is very happy and very well behaved.  We LOVE HIM!
He loves his two BC sisters also, plays every day and loves daily walks.
We are very happy he has a second chance in a great home.!”

~ Pam J ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Lucy

“Here is a shot of Lucy at her herding lesson.
There is not much in life she likes better.
Happy Holidays to you all.”

~ Gary & Judy S ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Chubbs

“Happy Holidays to the BCIN crew.

It was so hard not to send you all our wonderful memories of our dear Gracie (Chubbs).
We miss her every day that has passed since we lost her earlier this year.  I tear
up just looking at her picture.  Gracie and her best friend Vinny with Santa in
2014.  I remember how excited she was as you can see by the smile on her
face.  The other is one of my favorites--how beautiful she was.

My deepest gratitude to the entire BCIN group for everything you all do!
We loved our Gracie so much.”

~ Sylvia and Kerry ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Stitch

“I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving...I certainly did and Stitch enjoyed his first
Thanksgiving at our house as well.  :)  I just wanted to send you a few pictures and
tell you again how much this dog means to me, he is totally my child I miss him all day
when I am gone and when I'm home we don't spend more than a minute apart.
He sleeps on my bed every night cuddled up close to me and he has the
sweetest friendship with Bailey.  I am so happy I could give him
the chance for a better life. I think I am doing a decent job. ;)
Here's a few pictures of our oh so handsome Stitchums.

PS- he LOVES sleeping on pillows or anything soft it's so cute.
I put the last picture in because that is totally us.  ;) ”

~ Robyn Riggs ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Grateful Ginger

“‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the hours
Not a creature was stirring
Not even Ginger. ”

~ Ed & Margarita W ~
Holiday Greeting
Gentle Ben

formerly known as Gentle Ben

“Yea!  So glad you are doing the Happy Collie-Days again.
I can't tell you how much I enjoy it and how much I missed it last year.
We have "gentle Ben" from Valerie in Alpine.  He lives up to that name every day.
He is the perfect pet, a low-energy BC not fit for a farm or ranch.  Ben is 6-7
years old.  We have had him 5 years now.  He is healthy and happy and we
love him so much!  Thanks for all that you do.

It is so hard getting a good picture of a black dog!”

~ Wilson, Jackie and Andrew L ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Joker

“Attached is my favorite recent photo of Jack (aka Joker) and I cuddled up taking a nap. I would say he has sure gotten comfortable! Happy Holidays! ”

~ Stacey B ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Shep

“Here is the love of our lives in his 'happy place'.  We have had a wonderful year with quite a few
AKC titles.  We really can't believe we have had the privilege of sharing our lives with Shep
for over seven years now.  Long may it continue.  Thank you BCIN for all you do.

Happy Christmas to you all and here's to a very successful adoption year in 2016.”

~ Hillary & Derek ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Trey

“Here a couple of recent snaps of Trek (FKA Trey) about 11 and Grace 8 1/2.  We adopted Trey
from BCIN on Labor Day 2008 where he had been lovingly fostered by Kathy.  As you
can see he has thrived since then.  Thank you so much for all that you do and
Cindy and I wanted you to know we are especially thankful for Trey.”

~ Michael and Cindy ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Alice

“We wanted to send you a few pictures for your Happy Collie-Days.
We love our little Miss Maggie.  And do not know what we would do without her.

Thank you and happy holidays!”

~ Lisa & David K ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Rufus

“Gatsby is the perfect dog for us, so sweet and he gets along well with our Irish Terrier.”

~ Chris and Margaret F ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Whiskey

“Dusty has already helped me rehabilitate 4 dogs that were formerly scared of other dogs or aggressive,
has socialized half a dozen puppies and helps me evaluate shelter dogs on a weekly basis.  His
temperament is perfect for our family and our life and we couldn't be happier with this cuddle
bug.  One minute he is curled up tight laying with us and the next minute he'd be ready
to play fetch for an hour.  We adore him and are so happy with Dusty, formerly Whiskey.

Thank you all at the BCIN rescue so much! He is such a blessing in our lives
and is helping so many others already.”

~ Bethany W and Chris D ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Freckles

“Here is our Freckles and her BFF, Poppy.  Thanks so much, she's a treasured member of our family.”

~ Penny F ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Mitch

“This is a current picture of Mitch.  We have had him for 6 years; he was two when we adopted him.
He is a constant companion to our other dog, Coccinella, a pointer mix.
They also have two cat friends.  They make a great fur family.”

~ Marie ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Missy Rae

“Here are some pictures of our beloved Bella, formerly named Missy Rae.
She has brought so much love, joy, and happiness to our home these past
7 months!!! Our other dog, Emi, also a rescue, enjoys having her company. :))
Enjoy your holiday season and we look forward to receiving your BCIN holiday card!”

With gratitude,

~ Marleigh G ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Gemma

“We have been totally absorbed into our furry baby Kaylee and could not believe she has not been with us forever.
At the 1 year mark so far so sending pictures to help others know how great rescuing a pet is.
I've attached a pic I took of Hope this morning.

~ Lance & Maryanne K ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Jewel

“Hope is definitely sent to us from above.  No question about it.  I really believe that every animal
comes to us at the precisely right time, and has things to teach us.  I never dreamed I would be
so connected to her so fast.  She keeps revealing her real personality as she puts down her
baggage.  We have let her do that in her own time.  And it has been such a wonderful
thing to watch.  She has been telling me she wants to do agility as well as
herding.  So she and I started training a few weeks ago.  She's ready
for her new story.

We can't thank you and your volunteers enough for making
it possible for her to become a part of our lives.  We cherish her!

Have a wonderful Holiday.  I will send another pic of her,
and her partner in crime Spye, in our Christmas card. ”

~ Mary ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Jenna

“Jaina is doing great!  Here are a few pictures we took with her on a recent road trip to Portland!

Happy Holidays,”

~ Lee & Kacy S ~
Holiday Greeting
Lady Sara

formerly known as Sara

“Hi Suzanne, attached is a photo of Lady Sara (full name: Lady Sara LaBrea Behrenhausen Sanger)
- adopted from BCIN four years ago.  She is the most loyal and loving dog that we have ever had.
She is so grateful to have found her forever home that we can leave the front door wide open for hours
(one of our kids actually did that by mistake!!!!) and she will sit right inside the door and not leave the house.

Thank you for the wonderful work that you do!!!” ~ Courtney ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Blaze

“Here are some pics of blaze being photographed for a shoot and on a boat in Lake Arrowhead.

Take Care and Happy Holidays.

Best,” ~ Charles and Deb ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Strawberry

“I have attached a picture of our rescue BC.  Her original name was Strawberry.  We have renamed her "Torch"
and that will be her name for the rest of her life.  She has a ton of phobias and fears, one of which is having
her picture taken.  We have to use creative and sneaky ways to take pictures of her.  She apparently can
only bond with one person.  She is head over heels in love with my wife and is indifferent to my son
and me, despite being treated very well by both of us.  Oh well.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

~ Tom O ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Benny

~ Benny was adopted by the Olsen Family ~
Holiday Greeting
Astro & Comet

formerly known as Astro and Comet

“Astro and Comet are doing well.
They love agility and its accompanying treats as well as hanging out in the sun.”

~ Joy ~
Holiday Greeting
Lincoln Logs & Winnie

formerly known as Cole and Kelsey

“We adopted Lincoln Logs (formerly Cole) and more recently Winnie (formerly Kelsey).
They get along very well together and are both happy and loving.  Lincoln Logs
has been shepherding and Winnie will join him after the holidays.
As you can see our daughter Ferris loves them both very much.
They will both be spending the holidays with us in Oregon this year.

Merry Christmas!”

~ The Haukom Family ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Slim

“Here's a picture of Slim hiking Elyria Canyon at sunset.  Hiking is possibly his favorite activity.
I like it a lot too, so we do it a lot!  Best wishes to you and the rescue for the coming year.  Keep up the good work!”

~ Todd ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Gina

“We love our Gina!  She and our 13 year old Dane/Akita mix love each other along with our 3 cats.
She is in a Gina Ballerina outfit for a climate change solutions fundraiser.  Last fall, Citizens'
Climate Lobby launched the #TUTUMUCHCO2 campaign.  She was more than willing to help out.”

~ Amy ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Billy

“It is with regret that we announce that Jessie passed over the Rainbow Bridge July 2015.  FYI, your
loving description of Jessie is what compelled us to drive all the way to Phelan to see him.
Here is a favorite picture of our sweet boy.

Thanks for all you do.”

~ Kay & Charlie ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Reed

“Here is a pic of our beautiful Dash.  From left to right is Jack, Gadget and Dash.  His fur has come back
so beautifully and his true deep red coat is just gorgeous.  So happy he has become a part of our family!!!”

~ The Dencklau Family ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Shayna and Will

“Thank you for the opportunity to share a favorite picture of ours of both Shadow and Big Willie.  As you know,
we lost Big Willie on 8/30/15 but up until he crossed over the rainbow bridge, he loved nothing more
than going for a ride in the car.  He especially enjoyed when Shadow would join him.

I also attached my favorite picture of Shadow doing her best impersonation of Abraham Lincoln!!!!!!

Thank you for all that you do, Happy Holidays.”

~ Terry and Will W ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Roy Rogers

~ Bodie was adopted by the Kayatta Family ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Dino

“Attached is a photo of Dino!  I adopted him just about 2 years ago now and he is the most amazing dog!
He is a lot bigger than I thought he would be (he weighs about 65 lbs now!).  His favorite activities
include hiking, chasing squirrels, nap time, and chasing squirrels again.

Thanks for introducing me to my best friend!”

~ Randall M ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Sarge

“Thank you so much for all you do.  We adopted Sarge about 4 years ago from the Petsmart in Upland
(he was 1-1 1/2 years old).  He now lives near the beach and goes by the name Cashy.  He is
my best friend and I couldn't imagine my life without him.  Here are my favorite pics of him
at his best (he loves the beach! and driving around with my in a convertible).

Everyone is doing well.  Thanks again for your hard work.”

~ Simone ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Cap

~ Gus adopted by Jacob E. ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Patch

“Four years ago, Chance (aka Patch), was a puppy being treated for pneumonia at a "Border Collies in Need"
foster home in Japatul, CA.  I am happy to say he grew to a healthy 55 pound dog, who loves to run,
dig in the sand, and fetch his ball.  Thank you for giving him a 2nd chance.  He is a
wonderful dog and I love him so much.  (Photos taken by Dave Loucks)”

~ Lara S ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Colby

“Here is a picture of Allie (formerly Colby) for Happy Collie Days.
Allie is 3 1/2 yrs old and still loves her treats.  She will do anything for a treat
and has us well trained.  She loves her weekend trips to the park in San Pedro to see all
of her friends, she is a very social dog.  She is quite the runner and comes home exhausted.
She is also very affectionate and loves to be around people.  We are very lucky you found her for us.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and safe and prosperous New Year.”

~ Dave and Lyn G ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Misty

“Attached to this email please find our favorite picture of our Luna for your website.
Thanks again for bringing Luna into our lives.”

~ Michael H ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Tuck

“Attached are two hero images of Tuck.  We adopted him last year and he has brightened up our lives.
I took Tuck to obedience classes with Petsmart in Canoga Park.  He went through the whole program
and he finished his advanced class few month ago.  He is an eager learner.  Next year I
will try to go with him to the Agility class in Balboa Park.

Tuck is still very playful, being almost three years old.  He loves to play with other dogs and enjoys people.
He is well behaved and gentle with children or elderly people in particular. This summer we took him up
to the Bodie Hills. We know Border Collies are herders and our Tuck started herding lost cattle
in the area. He really knew what he was doing. He kicked out the cattle which weren't
allowed to be in the park. We just had to point and call few times and he did an
amazing good and fast job (the park ranger loved him). Tuck was in his
element and happy running and herding the cattle. The whole
scene was just amazing (we have a video, but we were
moving too much while making it and
it is just nauseating to watch).

We took him with us on some trips and he is just a great traveler.
The second image was taken Pipet Tarn, Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area,
Mono County, California.  Tuck discovered water, that is another thing he likes.
The first time I took him to Huntington Beach he learned not to drink sea water.

He is just a sheer bliss to have him. We still don't understand how anybody could have abandoned
a dog like Tuck or searched for him if they lost him. Thank you for the great job you do.

Happy Holidays!”

~ Petra & Lyle & Tuck ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Kaylee

“She is so loving this home and neighborhood.  My daughter just rescued a 6 pound Chihuahua.
We have not seen Orca play until now.  They play chase and run around bushes.  It's adorable.
So happy we got to take Orca home with us.  Take care.”

~ Cathy M ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Little Bits

“Bits & I are finally getting back to training.  She needs 1 leg for her Novice title which will give her a CD.
To think I started her in some classes for fun.  But everyone said how fabulous she was & that we had to
keep advancing.  Turns out she loves it!  Now we are working on using a dumbbell before advancing
to Preferred Novice & Open.  Now if I could just get the consistently good enough too!  We
had a show just before my surgery & every 10 mins or so someone would ask(or guess)
what mix she was.  I think over the years only 1 or 2 people have gotten it right.

Our local pet supply store had a well-known animal photographer come in.  After the
surgery I really wanted to do something fun so went over.  We were amazed; Bits was like a pro
having fun.  Antlers?  Santa hat?  Let me show them off!  I should have had Mz. B modeling years ago!”

~ Jan H ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Freckles

“Here are some pics of our BC rescue, Freya, formerly known as Freckles. She is a handful at times,
but so wonderful with our 3yo boy. We're grateful for what you all do and for having found her!”

~ Erik D ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Clyde

“Here's our family photo with our Clyde front and center!  :)
Happy Holidays!”

Thanks Again,
~ Travis D ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Rockie

“Rocky Horowitz — thank you for our wonderful boy!”

~ Marcia H ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Burley

“Here is my Happy Collie Days photo. That's Jett (FKA Burley) on the right and Riley (rescued 2006 from NE shelter)
on the left.  Wishing you the merriest of Holiday Seasons...I don't know what I'd do without my boys!”

~ Rebecca R ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Dina

“We have had Roxy for over 2 years now, and she is just the best dog ever--so pleased to have such a wonderful dog
in our home and my 3 kids love her so much!  We think she is a border collie/queensland heeler mix.
Roxy loves walks, camping, and hiking in the wilderness and has gone backpacking with me.
Here is a pic or two.  Thanks for all the great work!”

~ Brent N ~
Holiday Greeting
Cody & Ace

formerly known as Ace Of Hearts

“Happy Holidays.  Attached is a picture of Cody and Ace.
Both are doing well and obviously ready for the holidays.”

~ Marty O' ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Kahlua

“Here is a recent photo of our Maggie (formerly Kahlua).  We adopted her around November 2010.
She's been the best dog!”

Happy Holidays,
~ David L and Barbara N ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Cayenne

“I attached a couple photos from last winter and this past spring of Cayenne (Foxy).
Cayenne passed away this summer, a victim of a shooting while in our back yard.
We had just moved to Charlotte the month prior.  The yard was large and had
a security/privacy fence.  We didn't even realize that she was shot, she passed
away before the vet could look at her, and all they thought was she must have
bled out internally.  They determined this from a subdural hematoma on the
opposite side of her chest. That is apparently where the bullet stopped.  Not
sure why she was targeted, she was nothing but a sweet, loving baby girl.

Five weeks after Cayenne was killed, my other border collie Elvis, we call him Bubba,
was also shot.  He almost died but the vets at CARE Charlotte helped him pull through.
He went through several surgeries, went into cardiac arrest twice, and had to fight off
internal infections.  He's a strong, proud boy.  It was very expensive, over $7,500, but worth
every damn penny.  When the vet showed me the bullet still inside Bubba (photo attached), they
told me they spoke to Cayenne's vet and they felt confident that Cayenne died from a gunshot.  They
told me to call the police.  I spoke to the police, they took a report, but nothing ever happened.
They said that they don't do active investigations when people kill pets.  Wish I knew that
before I moved here.  I have since moved far away from that terrible place.
We moved two weeks after Bubba came home.

Elvis is a rescue too, got him at the North County Animal Shelter in 2010.
While I am so very grateful for him every single day, it absolutely breaks
my heart knowing that I rescued Cayenne, only to see her shot and killed
by a moron.  I couldn't protect her, but she was very loved, and she knew
that.  I miss her terribly, she gave the best kisses and stayed up with dad
watching TV even if the others went to bed.  They say that a dog is a man's
best friend.  Cayenne was that, and more...”

Best Regards,
~ Shaun Mc ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Susie

“Kimi is absolutely wonderful.  She is my first dog ever - she picked me out at
an adoption event in 2012 - and I am reminded each day of how lucky I am to have
her in my life.  She loves long walks, running and diving right in at the beach, and
agility classes.  She especially loves her people!  Sweet, curious, super-smart
and a great companion.  Thank you BCIN for the best gift ever!

Thanks again for all you do,”
~ Kris G ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Tallow

“Formerly Tallow, rough coat
red sable border collie.”

Happy Holidays,
~ Wendy ~

formerly known as Cola

“Merry Christmas from Cooper to BCIN!”

~ Lori C ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Babs

“Chloe, (formerly Babs), who found her forever home with us 7 years ago,
continues to bring us such joy at Christmastime, as well as every other day of the year.
She's our very pampered Princess!  We love her so much!  Thank you for all you do to find
loving homes for Border Collies in need.  We are forever grateful to you, Suzanne, and to
all the wonderful people in your organization.”

Kindest Regards,
~Steve & Debbie Wonser ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Amos

“This is Kona Hodges.”

~ Tamera ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Skye

“We adopted Lucy (aka Skye), a BC/Aussie mix from BCIN when she was 10 months old.
She will be 8 years old in January.  Lucy is a loving companion to my 94 year old mom
(she wakes her up in the morning), to Cotton, a small terrier mix and the three cats.
Lucy is also an excellent bed warmer.  We can't imagine life without her.

Many kudos to Suzanne and all of the BCIN volunteers.
Have a great holiday and the best in 2016.”

~ Karen W ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Liz

“For some reason, this is Chris' fave pic of Frankie.  Actually makes sense.
She is the 24/7/365 guard dog. I call her the "Border Patrol"! I let him choose it, so here it is...”

~ Noël P ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Nina

“Some pictures of Zoie, we are out in Georgia right now.
We drove cross country she loved it, the pictures hiking are
from the Chikamauga Battle Field, and the other dog is her friend Thor.”

~ Daniel Mc ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Bernie

“Here's a holiday picture of Otto.  He's a real ham.  Otto has brought so much joy
to our home. He is so sweet and loving with everyone he comes in contact with,
both humans and other dogs.  He makes us laugh all the time, especially when
the tamale man comes to our neighborhood.  Otto howls as the man hollers,
"tamales, tamales, tamales!"  Our neighbors up and down our block get a big
kick out of this and Otto laps up the attention.  Otto is such a blessing and
we cannot thank you enough for making his adoption possible.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.”

~ Love, Kathleen, Harold, Maile, and Marcus ~
Holiday Greeting
Bubbles & Barkley

formerly known as Nina and Barkley

“Hi Suzanne!  Hope you're doing well, and happy holidays!  Bubbles and Barkly got to
go with us on a road trip to Oregon and Washington last month and attached
is a picture of them at Cannon Beach.  They are both well.  Bubbles is now 7
and Barkly is 3 and they still play a lot with each other.  Bubbles is Barkly's
role model and teacher.  We are so grateful to you and to all involved
who led them to us, they are the center of our universe.”

~ Tracy & Tonya ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Monny

“This is our beloved Maddie, formerly known as Monny. We adopted her on 9/15/10.
She is adored by our family, and we are so grateful she came into our lives!
Never without her ball or Frisbee, this photo epitomizes her "I'm ready
when you are!" attitude. We cannot imagine our lives without her
and are so thankful to BCIN for putting us together!

Hope your holidays are wonderful!”

~ Michelle, Rob, Tess, and Brynn A ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Pepper

“Hi, it's me Mickey on the right and my sister, Paige, on the left.
I was adopted from BCIN 5 years ago into a very active and loving
home.  I enjoy my daily walks and can run like the wind!
I am a good boy and hope Santa knows that.
Merry Christmas!  Love, Mickey.”

~ Vickie ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Drako

“Here is a picture of Rocky, left, our BCIN rescue, and Scout.”

~ Mike Thornburg ~
Holiday Greeting


“I hope it isn't too late to include our 2015 picture of Skye (Hannah).
She is sitting by our tree waiting for the goodies from Santa that she deserves
for being such a good girl this year. Dave and I continue to cherish this treasure
from Border Collies in Need and thank you so much for the great work you do.
Merry Christmas to everyone.”

~ Dave & Terry D ~
Holiday Greeting
Rio & Rico

formerly known as Rio and Rico

“RICO has settled in and is running things.  Rio is so patient.
Mr. Rico is quite the character, he puts a smile on everyone's face
wherever we take him, he has become a daddy's boy, he loves Julia but
listens to me, sleeps with me under the covers sometimes, Rio seems
to enjoy him also, they are a great pair!

Thanks again for another great doggie, best to you and your family,”

~ Mark, Julia, Rio and Rico the Big Guy ~
Holiday Greeting
Sophia & Arrow

formerly known as Raggedy Ann and Arrow

“Here ya go Suzanne,
(R to L) Molly, Arrow and Sophia”

~ Henry and Patti ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Guiness

“Hope I haven’t missed the deadline, Suzanne!  Cody is thriving!!
Here are a couple of photos to choose from.  Cody came into
our lives this past year and has completely stolen our hearts.
Thank you, BCIN, for saving him and us!”

~ The Constantines ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Sonic

“It's been a busy year.  Enjoy the holidays.”

~ Natalie ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Peanut

“We adopted our sweet Peggy (formerly Peanut) in July of 2010.
We suspect she is a Border-Aussie mix --Aussie look and Border smarts!
We are so lucky and grateful to have her in our lives. Happy Holidays.”

~ Jim O and Mark F ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Button

“I attached a few pics of Sophie in her new home.  Wishing you happy holidays!”

~ Renee and Mike ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Dolly

“I don't have any other good pictures of Dolly this year.  Most of them are
with her wet (pool, beach, rain), so she looks really scruffy in them.

Dolly is doing great.  She loves to be loved.  She is obsessed with balls and loves to play catch.
She is full of energy and is always up for a walk or play time.”

Thank you,
~ Kristen T ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Anna

“I am EXTREMELY attached to her and her to me, even though we got her
for my son. She's so sweet and amazing.  I love her.

Take care and have a great holiday!”

~ Margaret ~
Holiday Greeting

formerly known as Shelby and Zorro

“Ellie who was called Shelby while with BCIN, is our water baby.  She loves swimming and chasing,
and even made an unauthorized dive into the Balboa Park reflecting pond after some ducks.
Here is our beach bum on the sand in Coronado.  Our thanks to you for fostering her!

Zorro had such a cool name at BCIN that we decided to keep it.  He is a pro at couch naps,
and he like wrestling with sticks, the bigger the better.  Zorro had his first visit to the
snow near Mt Shasta at Thanksgiving, where he enjoyed exploring the white stuff, but
wasn't too sure about the cold.  Thank you to his foster parent, Greg!”

~ Roxanne P-K ~
Holiday Greeting
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